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Top 10 You Tube Campaign Ideas

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If like me you spend a lot of time watching videos online and aren’t particularly fond of things like cats and make-up tutorials, you may have seen some of these videos.

If not, you’re in for a treat and who knows, maybe something here will inspire you in your own marketing.

There is no set criteria for awarding places on this list. I have just picked videos that have held my interest, remained in my memory and inspired me as a marketer.

Yes, they are just the ones I liked.

I’m fickle like that sometimes.

10. The Human curl

Coming in at number ten is Bic’s human Curl. Bic had fun demonstrating the qualities of their product in this one and have had 3.2 million views as a result.

9. Dumb ways to die

This is possibly the most successful public services announcement of all time. It was made by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia and, as it has had over 127 million views, I think they’ve gotten their message across.

8. Interactive Zombie Movie Adventure

Hell Pizza New Zealand have put over 12 million viewers through their interactive zombie movie / pizza advert. Hugely original and great fun. Probably not for the very young however.

7. The Evolution of beauty

This may seem like a strange entrant to the list but I think Dove have tried to do something important here. The video had 2 million views in the first two weeks after posting.

6. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

This one has almost 66 million views and rightfully so. It is awesome. The reason it’s not higher up the list is that it’s promoting the release of the Carrie film in New York. This means they had the talent, cash and know-how already at hand to pull it off without a hitch.

5. Push Button To Add Drama

I love this one. I’d love to find that button myself. The TNT drama TV station provided a real treat for over 54 million Youtubers with this one. It was used to launch the station in Belgium.

4. Christmas Miracle: Real Time Giving

West Jet’s hugely successful video is the most sentimental video on the list by far. I defy you not to smile while watching this. It’s created almost 45million viewers, and a handful of happy flyers too.

3. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Anybody who has ever watched Youtube has been wondering when the ‘Old Spice Guy’ was going to make his appearance. And in truth, most lists like this will have him in first place.

The campaign has completely turned around a brand that had attracted the dreaded ‘old guy product’ tag. This video alone has over 52 million views. Over a million of them may be mine…

2. Will It Blend

Blendtec finish in a well deserved second place because they have shown marketers everywhere that any product is capable of creating a viral marketing buzz.

I can’t quite put my finger on why this works so well, but I’ve watched many of their videos more than once. If a company that makes plain looking blenders can generate 10s of millions of views without any budget to speak of, what’s your excuse?

1. These Blades Are F***ing Great

The Dollar Shave Club video series has it all.

This start up went truly viral after it’s first video, allowing the business to grow and grow. I’ve posted the original video along with the follow up and an interview with Dollar Shave club CEO Michael Dubin.

On the back of releasing the first video the company has over 1.7 million product subscribers, has raised $50 million in capital and has developed a range of products.

And to answer the question on everyone’s lips…

Yes, they can supply luxury butt wipes. Enjoy. (the video that is).

If anybody has any favorites not on the list I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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