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How The Little Guy Wins With Content Marketing

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I’ve just read a fascinating article by Sujan Patel and thought I should share it here.

He says while most small or new businesses can only dream about having TV advertisements, a good content strategy can level the marketing playing field. He then gives ten interesting examples of businesses that got this very right.

Well worth a read, click on the image below.

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Small business content marketing

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How Google Works 2016

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Ok, so the title may be slightly misleading. Nobody knows exactly how Google works. It’s constantly evolving. Especially the Panda algorithm. 

Content is still king though (always will be), duplication is still frowned upon and mobile optimisation is still a must.

Focus your efforts on creating original, useful content with your user in mind. You don’t need to worry about search engine optimisation until you have something to optimise.

That said, the infographic below will help you figure out how best to get your content seen by your target market in 2016.

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how search works 2016 seobook

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