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He Left His Marketing Comfort Zone

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We all have our comfort zones. We have them in many different areas of our lives.

I personally don’t like public speaking. At all.

I hate it in fact.

I flee from it whenever I can.

Although I am a marketer, I am definitely not a PR guy.

I do recognise that this is a problem however and I am working on it. I’m always working on myself in some way.

In my current search for self improvement I’ve come across a guy that’s been where many of us have been, or are today. He’s no guru, positive psychology drum banger or special case.

Actually, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, he’s nothing special. It’s actually a bit random that I even watched his video all the way through. I just recognised a normal guy, doing his best and telling it like it is.

He’s a web-marketer with what seems to be his own small agency and in this video he’s speaking from the heart.

It’s rare to hear somebody so genuine these days and I just found this so very refreshing I had to share it:

Thank you for reading.

image from freeimages


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