The Integrated Marketing Communications Recipe

integrated marketing communication


‘Integrated Marketing communications? What do I care, I just do burgers’

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a complex sounding term.

It sounds far removed from running a business day-to-day yet there’s no better way to get your name out there.

Not convinced?

What SME actually has the time to Pinterest their twitter and Googlify their Facebook anyway? you ask.

Well, actually, it’s usually the businesses that are doing well…

The standard definition of integrated marketing communications:

 recognises the value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion and combines them to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact.

Boring stuff, but put simply: If you know where your customers are. And you’ve got something interesting to say. You can create some serious consumer recognition and word of mouth promotion by engaging them at different points throughout their lives. Regardless of the size of your company.


Market your business in many places, keeping your message the same and easily understood.

Consistency across the right channels is key, in fact it’s everything.

You, your message and what you do, must be instantly communicated every time a potential customer encounters your brand. They should know you at a glance – a colour, your logo or the first note of your jingle, whatever.

Being memorable is creativity, times repetition, plus quality.

Imagine a hungry customer wants to order-in dinner.

She’s seen your post on Facebook. She recognises you from across her social media, local newspaper, flyers, etc. She hears good things, reads good things and likes what she sees. She’s interested. And hungry.

You’re familiar. Recommended. The safe, logical choice.  Indeed, the only untried choice she’s considering right now.

You’re low-risk you see. Almost sure to be tasty.

At worst, you’ll be her first call when she wants a burger just like yours. What’s more likely is that she’ll order from you next time she doesn’t want to cook.

Be an authority, an expert – Say loudly who you are, why you’re special and what you offer.  Be the name that’s known.

Watch the following video for a visual explanation of what I’ve just said (that’s right, we’re all lazy and like different channels).

Thank you for reading.

image from phase3 


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